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At Grupo Herdez we look for ways to promote the best work conditions for our collaborators. With each program we implement, we assure respect for their dignity and human rights in a framework of equality, thus promoting sustained and inclusive economic growth.

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Corporate offices976831,05910%
Distribution center (Cedis)699977968%
Sales routes2,2962892,58525%


We look after the health and safety of our consumers by perfecting technical feasibility methodologies and risk analysis of projects. We ensure compliance with quality guidelines and standards, assessing all the portfolio of domestic and export products each year to identify potential areas for improvement. 

This year, the nutritional profile of 15 formulas was strengthened, reducing critical added nutrients (sugars, sodium, and saturated fat).

  • Reduction of sodium: All kinds of Del Fuerte® tomato puree and the formula for tomato puree of the Herdez® brand.
  • Reduction of sugars: The formulas improved for these nutrients were 6 kinds of ice cream for the Nutrisa® brand and 1 formula (popsicle) for the Nestlé® brand.
  • Elimination of sweeteners: in one formula (popsicle) for the Nestlé® brand.


We promote food security at the communities in which we operate so that all people can have access to healthy, and nutritious foods to cover their nutritional needs, while satisfying their cultural preferences for a healthy and active life.

We increased our social investment by 66% this year. This includes activities performed by the Fundación Herdez through in-kind donations to the Mexican Food Bank Network (Red de Bancos de Alimentos de México, BAMX), Non-governmental organization (NGOS), Saber Nutrir® program, and other Group initiatives. 



NGO´s benefitted from in-kind donations


banks benefitted


thousand persons supported


thousand persons reached with the “Summer with Grupo Herdez and Papalote” (Verano con Grupo Herdez y Papalote) virtual platform


thousand persons reached by the virtual collaboration Fundación Herdez, Saber Nutrir, and Gastromotiva

“Navegantes en la cocina”, first children's publication by the Fundación Herdez

The amount invested in social programs this year included the construction of the “Casa Doña María”, new headquarters of Fundación Herdez in San Luis Potosí, and a special donation from Stewart Investors equivalent to 10,000 pounds. This donation was focused on easing the effects of the pandemic in Mexico through the “Unidos Hacemos Más” campaign.

This campaign also sought to contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality. We delivered 11,049 food packages to women and vulnerable persons attended to by the Mexican Food Bank Network (Red de Bancos de Alimentos de México), REINSERTA, A.C., and Fundación para la Dignificación de la Mujer, I.A.P. of Mexico City, State of Mexico, Morelos, Tamaulipas, and Veracruz.

Additionally, to promote and disseminate knowledge on nutrition, sustainability, and food security, two virtual programs were executed and the first book for children was published by Fundación Herdez.

Saber Nutrir


families benefited in Yucatán and the State of Mexico


new projects
in the State of Mexico


children benefited from the Saber Nutrir® Sponsor program

In 2011, we created our social responsibility program Saber Nutrir® to formalize our commitment to Mexico’s nutrition. With this program, we contribute to improving the quality of life of Mexican families in any situation of food insecurity by developing skills in the community that result in their children’s wellbeing.

This year, Saber Nutrir® started operations in Yucatán —in alliance with Fundación Pro Mazahua— to benefit 82 families of 4 communities: Choyob, San Simón, Yax ha, and Xohuayan. The projects installed include: 38 cisterns, 10 farms, 20 vegetable gardens, and 14 health systems (toilet with biodigester and water purifier).

Additionally, 43 new projects were executed in the State of Mexico, benefiting 66 families of 19 Mazahua communities of the Municipality of San José del Rincón: 28 commercialization and 15 food security projects.

For 8 years now, we have achieved a decrease of 11% in malnutrition of children in the State of Mexico, a 15% increase in their normal nutritional condition, and a 2% decrease in overweight and obesity with the nutrition oversight program.

In 2021, the sponsorship program took care of 80 malnourished children in the State of Mexico, 9 of which were able to recuperate. Our annual goal is for 10% of children in the program to overcome malnutrition.

Semillero nutrisa


entrepreneur women trained in two years of Semillero Nutrisa


of entrepreneur women with a commercial strategy


of entrepreneur women increased their trust in the business environment


increase in monthly sales for participants

Empresa Excepcional

award granted by Instituto para el Fomento a la Calidad y el Consejo de la Comunicación

The purpose of the Semillero Nutrisa program is to train and promote entrepreneur women in critical topics for the sustained growth of their companies. Two years since its launch, we have 21 trained women, and 4 of them already form part of our chain of suppliers with 18 new products that are available in 50 Nutrisa® stores in 14 states of the country. 

We obtained the “Empresa Excepcional” (Exceptional Company) award for this initiative due to its social impact, which was granted by the Instituto para el Fomento a la Calidad y el Consejo de la Comunicación to business initiatives that promoted economic reactivation.


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